Dedicated to beauty

This website aims to show not only my activities as an art-consultant, curator and critic, but also provide a platform for interesting Ideas and Projects even if I am not involved. It shall be a source of delight and information as well, and show some of the best works of art you could possibly find.
This site will be continuously extended but as I am more occupied with my work in the real world it can only echo some of my work. Besides being an art-critic, having written reviews mainly for since 2006, i do love to discuss and invent alternative interior designs as well as contemplating on architecture in general. Questions of size, shape and colour of any given object are essential for our wellbeing and comfort. I am convinced that these and many other topics are not merely a question of taste but do work along general principles without denying the importance of individual bespoke solutions, which i hope to be able to produce.

My intimate knowledge of the art world and the ability to recognise quality immediately gives me the ability to support professional artists and galleries as well as individuals wanting to purchase or sell, or just understand art better.

The main guiding principle for all that i am doing is that i have to believe in the things I recommend. Therefore you will often find entries in this blog not directly related to my professional enterprises, but as i live for art and believe its as essential to human beings as proper food and drink there is no chance separating my private passion from my work.